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In the market for a Renton roofing contractor? Then you should call Mass & Mass General Contractors. No contractor company is better for roof repairs, replacement, or roof cleaning in Renton.

Our company aims to provide a high-quality job with the best possible customer satisfaction rate. Your experience matters to us, so we do everything we can to ensure it’s a great one, including being fully transparent throughout the process.

As a Renton roofing contractor, our business offers one of the city’s most trustworthy, skilled, and affordable services. We provide a free quote for anyone needing our assistance and will conduct an inspection on your roof to resolve the best course of action moving forward.

Should you require roof repairs, replacement, or a roof cleaning in Renton, don’t wait until it’s too late. Set up an appointment at (425)435-5800 and ensure your roof will stand up to the harsh Washington weather.

How To Identify Roof Damage

Discovering a leak can be difficult. However, once a leak has been found, it’s usually a good indicator of an issue with the roof. Structural damage is sure to follow when a significant enough leak is present. The same goes for double if you find multiple leaks inside your home.

Roof damage can present itself in several ways. The top two reasons are natural wear and tear and storm damage. Cracks in your roof often result from damaged shingles acting as a roof’s armor. When there is a chink in the armor, it’s easy for water to begin to seep following wet weather.

When you discover roof damage, you should immediately enlist the services of a Renton roofing contractor company. Mass & Mass General Contractors just so happens to operate in Renton. Set an appointment for one of our contractors to show up for an inspection. If there are damages, we can assess them and discuss a plan of action for roof restoration.

If the top of your roof is visible from the ground, you can check for cracked, curled, missing, or moss-covered shingles. Doing so is essential, especially following a major storm.

Storms will wreak the most destruction on your roof. It can do more damage when a storm contains hail, tornados, hurricane winds, or heavy rainfall. When the roof withstands enough damage, leaks may begin to form inside your residence.

Extensive damage may warrant roof repairs or a complete replacement. When it does, call Mass & Mass General Contractors for a roof inspection. We are the premiere Renton roofing contractor company and aim to provide immaculate customer service. You can reach us at (425)435-5800 right now!


Renton Roofing Services

Here are our services offered in and around the Renton, WA, area.


You can avoid unwanted leaks through consistent maintenance. However, if leaks occur, you’ll want to have your roof inspected and repaired as soon as possible. Damp walls are a haven for mold growth. Prevent health concerns and structural damage to your home by contacting a Renton roofing company before it’s too late. Mass & Mass General Contractors is a high-quality Renton roofing contractor with the experience and skills to mend and restore your roof quickly and efficiently. Enjoy a FREE QUOTE today.


A complete roof replacement is common when it suffers enough wear and tear. The professionals should be called in to help you with a new installation at this stage. If you’re in Renton, roof replacement can be done fast at a low price using the contractors at Mass & Mass. Our trained, high-quality contractors can address those repairs while supplying a top-of-the-line customer experience. Contact Mass & Mass General Contractors at (425)435-5800.


Simply put, mold is a disgusting sight to behold. Not only that, but it can also become a genuine health concern if left to rot. When water is left to accumulate on a damaged roof, mold and algae can grow out of control. Removing the growth from your roof will take proper training, suitable instruments, and solutions to prevent additional harm. A professional contractor service like Mass & Mass General Contractors is readily available for your roof cleaning needs. Our contractors are adept experts who employ the proper tools and solutions for the mission. Mold growth will no longer be a concern once we deploy our contractors to resolve it. To schedule a roof cleaning in Renton, contact us at (425)435-5800 today!

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