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Since 2014, Mass & Mass General Contractors has been one of the most dependable and proficient Bellevue roofing contractors. Our Bellevue roofing service supplies high-quality residential roof replacement, repair, maintenance, and cleaning services with a solitary goal: complete customer satisfaction.

We have high-quality roofing contractors available to handle all replacements, repairs, and roof cleaning in Bellevue, WA. Our company dedicates itself to delivering customers the best Bellevue roofing service while remaining transparent, reliable, and professional.

Mass & Mass General Contractors guarantees high-quality service at an affordable price. When you need a roof replacement, repairs, or a roof cleaning, Mass & Mass contractors are the specialists to call to take care of it. Contact us today at (425)435-5800 or claim your FREE ESTIMATE.

Bellevue Roofing:
Signs Of A Damaged Roof

A visible leak is the most common sign that your roof may have sustained damage. Leaky roofing occurs most often through storm damage or when the roof shingles have worn down. As the top weakens, water can seep through the shingles and into the residence causing structural damage and visual leakage.

Persistent leaks are potent indicators that your roof needs replacement. Mass & Mass General Contractors can determine the extent of the water damage to your roof and determine whether a total replacement is required.

Curled, missing, or cracked shingles are another strong indicator that your roof may have suffered heavy damage. A moss-covered roof, cracked and discolored shingles, or shingle debris found in the gutters are cause for concern. Your gutters should be checked regularly for shingle debris so that you can catch roof damage before it becomes a significant issue.

Storm damage is the number one reason a roof may need a replacement. Hail, tornados, hurricane winds, and heavy rainfall contribute to roof damage. Storms with high wind speeds can cause enough damage to the shingles that it allows water to leak through.

Apparent roof damage should not go without repairs. A roofing contractor company like Mass & Mass can perform a thorough inspection to determine the best course of action. Don’t risk further damage to your roof and home by remaining idle. Pick up the phone and schedule your appointment today.


Bellevue Roofing Services

Here is a brief overview of what we offer in our Bellevue roofing service.


A leaky roof can cause structural damage within your home. Moisture left inside your walls promotes mold growth leading to additional complications. Remove all home and health concerns by contacting Mass & Mass General Contractors today.

Mass & Mass General Contractors offers Bellevue residents high-quality, professional roof repairs. Our adept contractors have all the skills to restore and repair your roof fast and efficiently. Enjoy a FREE QUOTE today.


Eventually, your roof will suffer enough natural wear and tear to warrant repairs. However, sometimes the damages are too detrimental that simple maintenance will no longer do. In this case, your roof will need a total replacement.

Once you acknowledge that you must replace your roof, the following steps are critical. You’ll need to scour the internet for an affordable, experienced, high-quality contracting company to handle those repairs. Or, you can contact Mass & Mass General Contractors at (425)435-5800. Our roofing contractors are highly trained and ready to deliver a top-notch customer experience at an affordable price.


When your once vibrant shingles are now shades of moldy brown and green, a roof cleaning is imminent. You could opt to do the deed yourself. The task is somewhat daunting, requiring the right chemicals and equipment to get the job done. Not to mention the necessary knowledge and training not to damage your roof further.

On the other hand, there is Mass & Mass General Contractors. We will supply trained professionals to perform a proper roof cleaning in Bellevue. We have the appropriate cleaning solutions and adequate tools to complete the job and future-proof your roof from annoying mold and algae.

Call (425)435-5800 to schedule your thorough roof cleaning today!

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