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Mass & Mass General Contractors is your Everett roof replacement, repair, and cleaning service. As a roofing contractor in Everett, WA, our company provides one of the state’s most reliable, professional, and transparent services. We want our customers to understand what they can expect from a high-quality service. Therefore, we strive to ensure the best possible customer experience at an affordable price. This includes a proper roof inspection to assess your damage repair needs. If you need a roof replacement, repair, or roof cleaning in Everett, WA, Mass & Mass General Contractors is a roofing company you can count on. Contact us at (425)435-5800 or claim your absolutely FREE ESTIMATE today.

Indications Your Roof
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The most notable indication that your roof has suffered damage is the appearance of a leak. Though a leak may not always be apparent, those that are, are an immediate cause for concern. A severe leak can lead to internal and structural damage within the walls of your home if not discovered quickly. As a result, it can weaken the walls, and the moisture can promote mold growth. Roof leaks are more likely to appear when the roof has physical wear and tear. Whether due to time or stormy weather, once weakened, outside water can access your home. The top will require a complete Everett roof replacement if multiple leaks occur. Mass & Mass General Contractors are available to help in Everett. A damage repair or roof replacement appointment only takes a single phone call. We can quickly determine whether or not your home will need a complete roof replacement or little maintenance. Visibly cracked, curled, missing, or moss-covered shingles strongly indicate heavy roof damage. Shingle debris found in your rain gutters is also a bad sign. Storms can absolutely wreck your roof, especially those consisting of hail, tornados, hurricane winds, and heavy rainfall. Enough damage dealt to a roof can result in unwanted leaks. Call a professional contractor company immediately if your roof may have suffered extensive damage to warrant repairs or a replacement. A company like Mass & Mass will provide a roof inspection, assess the damage, and offer you an affordable solution. Pick up the phone and schedule your appointment right now.


Everett Roof Replacement Services

Here are our services offered in and around the Everett, WA, area.


The avoidance of unwanted leaks is possible through consistent roof maintenance. Though, it isn’t a foolproof plan. Leaks may still occur, and when they do, you’ll want to have your roof inspected and repaired immediately. Leaks don’t only cause structural and wall damage. It’s also a jumping-off point for mold growth. The growth can sit inside your walls without you knowing until it becomes a health concern. To prevent this, contact a roofing contractor in Everett like Mass & Mass General Contractors. Our contractors are highly-trained and experienced in roof damage repairs. They will assess all damages and provide an affordable quote to get your roof back in tip-top shape.


In the direst of circumstances, your home may require a roof replacement. When this is the case, it pays to have a competent roofing contractor on speed dial. Mass & Mass General Contractors provides an Everett roof replacement service. Our services are affordable and done professionally by some of the best contractors in Washington. We can address those repairs while delivering a second-to-none customer experience. Contact Mass & Mass General Contractors at (425)435-5800.


Nothing can cause your home to look more worn down and shoddy than a roof covered in algae and mold. The accumulation begins once your roof starts to hold water. It does this once the shingles begin to crack, curl, and crumble, leaving openings in your roof. Removing the growth from your roof takes proper training, the right tools, and chemicals so as not to deal additional damage. For this, we recommend bringing in a professional contractor. Call Mass & Mass General Contractors for all of your roof cleaning needs. Our contractors are qualified specialists who use the right tools and solutions for the task. We will do away with the algae and mold growth quickly and efficiently to leave your home looking renewed. To schedule a professional roof cleaning in Everett, WA, call us at (425)435-5800 today!

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