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How To Prolong The Life Of Your King County Roof With Simple Maintenance Tips

How To Prolong The Life Of Your King County Roof With Simple Maintenance Tips

While the average yearly snowfall in King County is significantly lower than the national average, winters in the Pacific Northwest can take a toll on your property. Residential homes can sustain significant damage from the wind and rain, especially during months when storms are at their strongest.

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Kristin Digioia
December 15, 2022

While the average yearly snowfall in King County is significantly lower than the national average, winters in the Pacific Northwest can take a toll on your property. Residential homes can sustain significant damage from the wind and rain, especially during months when storms are at their strongest. To prevent costly damage, there are steps you should take to keep your roof in good condition during the winter months.

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Before the winter season, check your attic to ensure proper insulation and ventilation. Correctly installed insulation and ventilation ducts will regulate the indoor temperature and keep the pressure from building up. Keeping the internal airflow of the home’s upper level even and consistent will help to prevent your roof from warping, which can cause damage.


To protect your roof during winter, maintaining the area surrounding your home is just as important as maintaining the roof itself. Storms and wind gusts can cause more damage in a few minutes than regular wear and tear can cause over the years. Plus, a cluttered rooftop is more susceptible to damage caused by debris, water, mold, and wildlife. However, trimming back tree branches, foliage, and other hazards will help keep your roof safe from winter damage.


In Kent County and other parts of the Pacific Northwest, there’s always a significant threat of water damage–especially during winter. Regularly checking for leaks, standing water, and moisture on wood beams or walls can help you catch a water breach before it causes irreparable damage. Check your drainage systems after it rains to ensure no water is pooling; these simple habits are easy and important ways to stop structural damage before it starts.


It’s crucial to keep gutters clear of debris and water build-up all year long, but especially during winter. Clogged gutters can rapidly cause damage not only to your roof, but to your home as a whole. Regularly cleaning gutters will ensure that any water or clutter will be drained to a safe location where there is no threat to the integrity of your home’s structure. Gutter guards are specifically designed to prevent the accumulation of debris while still allowing water to flow through. Investing in gutter guards can significantly help combat water damage, although it is still important to clean gutters routinely.


Roof flashing protects vulnerable points between roofing and chimneys, valleys, and windows. Flashing usually lasts a long time as long as it is regularly inspected and there is no rust or damage. Inspections performed by a King County roofing contractor will provide extra assurance, especially before winter storms begin.


Damage caused by wind, rain, or age should be repaired immediately, but especially before winter. Missing shingles, unsealed surfaces, warped or rotting wood beams, and any other vulnerable points can become much larger problems if they are not repaired before winter storms hit the area. While excellent King County roof replacement services are just a phone call away, it is best to salvage as much of your existing roof as you can, as full replacements can be difficult during winter.


If it is safe, clean off all snow and debris using a roof rake as often as possible. Keeping your roof and the surrounding areas clear of snow, ice, and other clutter will significantly improve its integrity. At Mass & Mass, our King County roofer services include snow removal and cleaning. As experienced professionals, we can safely and efficiently keep your roof clean and prevent you from sustaining any injuries to yourself or your roof.


Scheduling routine roof inspections with an experienced King County roofing contractor who knows what to look for can help keep your roof in good condition all year long. However, winter inspections will allow you to prepare for oncoming storms and weather conditions that may lead to damaged roofing if left unchecked. Mass & Mass provides the King County roofer expertise that local residents need to keep the roofs over their heads and in great condition. Whether you are finishing construction on a new house or are looking to safeguard your existing home, our roofing contractors are the ones to rely on. We can help you prepare for winter with meticulous inspections and maintenance services that will keep your roof in tip-top shape all year long.

Ask A King County Roofer:
Material Matters

Different roof types have different maintenance needs. Methods of maintaining your roof depend on the material used and the construction design. If you are unsure about what kind of roof your home has, ask a reliable King County roofer! The friendly and professional team at Mass & Mass can help you assess the details of your roof and provide you with the services you need to keep it well-maintained. If you do know your roofing type, be sure to follow the maintenance methods that will keep your roof in top shape winter after winter.


Flat roofs require special care for drainage and water damage prevention, as pooling water and debris can cause structural damage. Keeping a flat roof free from snow is vital, so shoveling and salting a flat roof during winters with heavy snowfall is imperative to maintaining the integrity of the roof.


Asphalt or composite shingle roofs should be regularly inspected and cleaned with light pressure. All surrounding branches and plant life should be trimmed back and kept off of the roof, and you should regularly check for mold and moss growth. Ensuring a proper seal will keep moisture out during the winter, but broken seals and flashings can cause a lot of damage.


Metal roofs should be power washed by a professional King County roofing contractor. While this type of roofing is durable and less susceptible to damage, cleaning and maintenance should be performed by experienced roofers, as metal roofing can be easy to slip and injure yourself on.


Cedar shake roofs require regular power washing and protective treatment applications, as well as routine inspections. It is best to rely on an experienced King County roofer to provide these services.

Contact Your King County Roofer

Mass & Mass can supply the King County roofer services your Pacific Northwest home needs to stay in good condition this winter. From snow removal and cleaning to maintenance and repairs, our friendly professionals will ensure the quality of your roof so you can stay warm and dry without worry. Even if your roof has sustained irreparable damage, our King County roof replacement services are available for homeowners in Seattle, Kent, Bellevue, Renton, and many of the surrounding areas. We offer free estimates for all of our services, so contact us today to learn more about how to keep your roof in good condition!

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