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When looking for a dependable, high-quality Kirkland roofing contractor company, Mass & Mass General Contractors fits the bill. Our Kirkland roof replacement, repairs, and cleaning services provide the best customer experience at an affordable price.

Our high-quality roofing contractor company can manage all replacements, repairs, and roof cleaning in Kirkland, WA. Mass & Mass General Contractors is committed to producing the highest customer satisfaction rate a Kirkland roofer can receive.

We aim to supply Kirkland with roof replacement, repair, and cleaning services that are second to none. If you require the services of Mass & Mass General Contractors, our specialists are available to take your call. Contact us at (425)435-5800 or claim your absolutely FREE ESTIMATE today.

Damaged Roof Indicators

Leaks are not always apparent. However, those that are apparent are a severe cause for concern. A leaky roof can result in extensive structural damage throughout the residence if left unrepaired.

A roof leak can occur when the shingles wear down over time or suffer severe enough storm damage. Once weakened, water can seep into the walls, resulting in a leak or leaks. Multiple leaks in the roof will demand a complete roof replacement.

Mass & Mass General Contractors are available to assist in Kirkland. A roof replacement appointment is only a phone call away. We’ll determine whether or not a complete replacement is required or if it just needs a patch-up.

If your shingles are visibly cracked, curled, missing, or covered in moss, it may indicate heavy damage to the roof. For additional evidence of roof damage, check your gutters regularly. Any shingle debris found is proof that your roof may need repairs. Nothing will cause damage to your roof more than a storm. Intense weather like hail, tornados, hurricane winds, and heavy rainfall can decimate a roof. Do not allow your roof to fall into ruin. Call a professional contractor company immediately if you notice any leaks or damage in your roofing. A company like Mass & Mass will inspect your roof and assess the extent of damages to help you make a better-informed decision.


Kirkland Roofing Services

Here are our services offered in and around the Kirkland, WA, area.


Avoid structural complications caused by a leaky roof by making sure your roof is fortified and void of damage. Leaks lead to dampness inside the walls of your home. Damp walls and moisture can promote mold growth leading to health concerns. Put a stop to this now by contacting Mass & Mass General Contractors today.

Mass & Mass General Contractors offers Kirkland residents high-quality, skilled roof repairs. Our qualified contractors have all the experience and skills to mend and restore your roof quickly and efficiently. Enjoy a FREE QUOTE today.


Your roof will inevitably be dealt with enough wear and tear to require a full replacement. When simple maintenance will no longer do, you’ll need to call in the professionals.

If you’re in Kirkland, roof replacement can be done quickly at an affordable price using the contractors at Mass & Mass. Our experienced, high-quality contractors can handle those repairs while delivering a top-of-the-line customer experience. Contact Mass & Mass General Contractors at (425)435-5800.


Mold can be a serious health concern if left to grow and fester. It’s also an eyesore when allowed to thrive on your roof. Cleaning it yourself is a possibility. The task can be somewhat intimidating, but what else can you do?

When your home needs a deep and thorough roof cleaning in Kirkland, WA, Mass & Mass General Contractors can help. Our trained professionals use the right tools and solutions for the job, so you don’t have to. We’ll handle that moldy mess and let you return to your daily routine. To schedule a professional roof cleaning, call (425)435-5800 today!

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