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Best Redmond Roofing Contractor

Best Redmond Roofing Contractor

Looking for high-quality, and affordable roofing solutions? With Mass and Mass, LLC licensed Redmond roofing contractor, experience stress-free roof inspection, installation, and repair. Dial (425) 435-5800 today to get a quote.

Why Should you Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor

When it comes to your home, you want everything to be perfect, including the roof over your head. Don’t let the leaking roof, missing shingles, clogged gutters, damaged flashing jeopardize your house’s safety and steal your peace of mind. Get on board certified roofing contractor Redmond, WA who are the experts at what they do and ensure nothing but excellence.

Why trust the roofing contractor in Redmond, WA?

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  • Customized solutions matching your exact roofing needs, including roof inspections, repairs, and installations.
  • Experienced contractors with in-depth knowledge to handle roof repairs & installation efficiently and safely.
  • Best roofing materials use to deliver durable and well-finished roofing projects.
  • Adherence to local regulations to prevent potential issues down the line.
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Do you need assistance in roofing services ? Mass and Mass LLC provides affordable roof replacements, repairs, and cleaning services for Seattle, Washington residents. Check out our website to receive your free estimate today!

Get Your Roof in Top Shape with Mass & Mass LLC

Are you aware of your roof’s condition? Do you wish to stay informed before any issue arises? At Mass & Mass LLC, the well-trained Redmond roofing contractors, expertise in roof inspections, and roof repairing to prolong the roof’s lifespan. 

We’ll guide you to the ideal roofing plan for your needs, ensuring high-quality results with an affordable monthly commitment.

Our mission is to provide top-tier roofing at budget-friendly rates. We offer free, no-obligation quotes and complimentary roof inspections.

We’re licensed and certified roofing contractors in Redmond, WA, utilizing the best-rated roofing shingle systems for lasting protection. Our services come with a lifetime warranty. 

Call us now to book your free roof inspection in Redmond now!


1. What goes into roofing installation?

We start by prioritizing safety by ensuring everyone wears the necessary protective gear, followed by a systematic progression that includes preparing tools and materials, clearing the old roof, inspecting and replacing flashing and drip edge when necessary, installing underlayment, and completing the new roof installation along with a final cleanup process.

2. How do I know if I need a new roof?

Installing a new roof becomes necessary when issues such as roof leaks, moss growth, mold development, sagging, shingle cracks, and changes in shingle shape occur, as these problems can compromise the integrity and functionality of the existing roof.

3. Which is the leading roofing contractor near me?

Your search for Best Roofing Contractor Near Me, ends at Mass & Mass LLC. We provide expert roof installation services by skilled contractors utilizing high-quality roofing equipment, with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, we specialize in roof repairs aimed at extending the longevity of your existing roof.

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