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Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance in Seattle, WA

Are you looking to get some work done on your home’s roof in Seattle, WA? Roof jobs can be intimidating since after all, this is where you and your family live. Will there be noisy construction? Falling objects? If you’ve never had a residential roof repair done before, it can be intimidating when you don’t know what to expect. If you need residential roof maintenance services in Seattle, WA, learn about the basics of residential roofing and the types of roof materials available.

Roof Maintenance Services in Seattle, WA

What Is Residential
Roof Maintenance?

Residential roofing is a general term to describe roofing services available to homeowners needing to repair or replace the roof of their homes. Residential roofing maintenance is required to protect your home’s interior and exterior. Roofs defend your home against the outside elements and preserve the foundation of your home. It’s crucial to do residential roof maintenance to prevent damage to your home.


The design of your home’s roof creates resale value and curb appeal. There are numerous choices in roofing material to match the style and design of your residential home.


Roofing protects your home from the elements as well as extreme temperatures—framing, underlayment, and installation techniques all help keep out harsh weather conditions.

Residential Roof
Maintenance Types

The design of your home’s roof creates resale value and curb appeal. There are numerous choices in roofing material to match the style and design of your residential home.


Asphalt shingles are one of the most common residential roofing. Seattle is a large city. Therefore, you have likely passed by other residential buildings and seen this style of shingles. Asphalt shingles have been used as a roofing material since 1903 and are relatively inexpensive and straightforward to install. They typically last up to 20 years if properly maintained. Asphalt shingles are composed of organic and fiberglass-based materials. This style of shingles helps reflect sunlight away, reduces air conditioning costs, and resists wind and hail damage while providing waterproofing support to your residential home. You can choose from many colors and styles to design your roof, so consider what’s in style as well as what you and your family members like looking at. If you plan to climb on your roof (for example, if you want to shovel snow off it or put up seasonal decorations), you may want to choose a style that’s easy to walk on.


Slate shingles are made from concrete and can protect your home from rot and fire. They are very durable and easy to maintain. Slate shingles can last up to 100 years if properly cared for. Slate shingles are heavy and do require careful installation, which may raise the cost associated with them.


Wood shakes are made from split logs. They have slight variations in appearance based on the wood used, making each design unique in its own way. They can stand against harsh environmental conditions and reduce air conditioning costs by reflecting light away from your home. Wood shakes are very resistant to strong winds and heavy rains, perfect for residential roofing in Seattle. Manufacturers apply a fire-resistant coating to these wooden roofs. Wood shakes are an excellent choice if you want a natural and durable look for your home.


If you are searching for an environment-friendly, low-maintenance, lightweight roof, metal roofing is ideal for you. Metal shingles are incredibly durable and can last more than 50 years, making them an excellent investment. Metal shingles are quite tricky to install by yourself, but a qualified roofing contractor can easily help you establish your residential roofing in Seattle.


Clay tiles are baked molded clay. The heat of the clay determines the variation in thickness and textures for this roofing material. Most clay tiles come in white, yellow, orange and brown color schemes. Clay tiles are durable, fireproof, and resistant to fading. Hang the tiles in parallel rows to overlap and keep out the rainfall.

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