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Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Roof Repair Seattle, WA

Have you noticed cracked or damaged shingles, a damaged chimney, or a sunken roof on your Seattle facility? If so, you may need to repair your roof–and a full roof replacement might be the answer. Of course, when you think of roof replacement, that might sound like a drastic move for what you might think is a small issue. Are you nervous? Let’s go over some basic questions.

What is a roof repair? A roof repair is removing old roofing materials and installing new, high-quality material such as underlayment and shingles. We’ll cover more details below.

Roof Repair Company in Seattle, WA

What To Know Before Getting Your Roof Repaired

A leaky roof doesn’t necessarily require a whole roof replacement. If you need a roof repair in West Seattle, WA, consider getting a second opinion before making any sudden decisions. If you’ve never worked with one before, you may want to hire a roof repair expert who’s great with new customers—like Mass and Mass LLC—to get an evaluation of your roof. The process can feel daunting and our team can ease your stress.


Roof repairs in Seattle can be expensive, so be sure to talk to Seattle roof repair experts before you invest. They can determine if you need a total roof replacement or minor repairs. Properly installed and ventilated roofs should be able to last as close as possible to the specified lifespan determined by the manufacturer. Choose to work with reliable companies so you don’t end up calling them in a few years later to do the job again.


If you need roof repair in West Seattle, hiring a Seattle roofer is beneficial as they understand the specific work required towards your roof’s maintenance. Seattle roofers understand the codes and regulations required in the state’s requirements. Since they’re a part of your community, a local roofing contractor will care about properly installing your roof and be available for questions and concerns throughout the whole roof repair process.


We understand that roof repairs never come at a convenient time. A roof repair is an investment. Due to the constant rain and moisture in the air hitting your roof, it’s always a good idea to invest in a high-quality roof repair in West Seattle. Your roof is composed of different roofing materials and components. Not all of them get replaced in a roof repair. Invest in quality materials and a materials warranty from your manufacturer to have a durable roof.

Repair Types

When should you get your roof repaired? Roof repairs come in a variety of situations and remedies. We provide quality roofing for commercial buildings. When deciding if your roof needs a simple patch or complete renovation, taking the time to understand the different types of roof repairs in Seattle will aid you in your process.


Shingles start to crack over time naturally as they become brittle from the environment. Shingles crack from the changes in seasons and temperatures. Not only do cracked shingles look unpleasant, but they also lose granules. Granules help reflect sunlight from the room and regulate your building’s insulation. Insulation is important as it lowers your heating and cooling costs and keeps your establishment comfortable.


There are numerous reasons why roofs leak. Improperly installed roofing materials, neglect, and weather are common causes of roof leaks. It’s crucial to fix a leaky roof as soon as you notice it to avoid mold and damage to your establishment.


Daily roof maintenance prevents long-term roof damage. Basic roof maintenance can be as simple as cleaning the gutters. Remove dead leaves and debris to avoid draining issues that may damage the interior and exterior of your facility.

Roof repairs in Seattle have never been as transparent and affordable as with Mass and Mass LLC. Do you need a second opinion on the quality of your roof? Schedule a Free Estimate today!

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