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If you need roof repair in Seattle, Mass & Mass General Contractors is your repair, replacement, and cleaning service. Our company prides itself on providing its customers with the best possible experience. As a roofing contractor in the greater Seattle area, our company offers one of the city’s most dependable, proficient, and transparent services at an affordable price.

We offer a free quote for anyone who may require our services and will inspect your roof to determine the best course of action. A roof replacement in Seattle is no easy task. Still, our contractors are experienced, reliable, and ready to provide a high-quality service upon appointment.
Should you require roof repairs, replacement, or a roof cleaning in Seattle, set up an appointment right now. You can sign up for a FREE QUOTE or call us directly at (425)435-5800.

How To Tell Your Roof Is Damaged

Leaks are a dead giveaway when attempting to assess damage to a roof. Discovering a leak or multiple leaks inside your home isn’t always easy. Often, it comes too late to preserve the integrity of your walls.

When a significant leak presents itself, it can lead to internal and structural damage that will require repairs. One of the chief reasons for a roof leak is natural wear and tear. Over time, a roof simply begins to crack, crumble, and fade, resulting in property damage. Your next step following the discovery of roof damage is to contact a contractor company that performs roof repair in Seattle.

Mass & Mass General Contractors are available to help in Seattle. All it takes is a single phone call to set up an appointment for one of our contractors to show up for an inspection. We can assess the roof and any damages it may have suffered. Then our contractor will discuss a plan of action to restore your roof.

If you can clearly see the top of your roof, we advise looking for visibly cracked, curled, missing, or moss-covered shingles. This is usually the result of heavy roof damage brought on by storms or time.
Storms are the most devastating event that can happen to a roof. Intense weather like hail, tornados, hurricane winds, and heavy rainfall all play a significant role in dealing damage to a roof. With enough damage, you’re sure to see leaks within your home.

If your roof has suffered extensive deterioration enough to warrant repairs or a replacement, Mass & Mass would like to hear from you. Call us and receive a damage assessment from a professional contractor company. We provide a roof inspection and complete transparency in what must be done to restore your roof.


Roof Repair Services In Seattle

Here are our services offered in and around the Seattle, WA, area.


Structural damage to your home is mostly avoidable. All it takes is consistent maintenance on your roof and siding. Of course, we are not infallible, and major storms do happen.
Suppose leaks begin to form within your home or you notice significant damage to your roof shingles. In that case, it may be time to contact a roofing contractor.

Seek out roof repair in Seattle with Mass & Mass General Contractors. With our service, you receive high-quality contractors ready to work with you every step of the process. We can offer an affordable and efficient package to restore your roof. Enjoy a FREE QUOTE today.


Following a major storm, you must inspect your roof for any damages. Allowing roof damage to go unchecked can result in a more serious grievance further down the line—the biggest among them being a total roof replacement. If allowed to reach this stage, the only thing left is to bring in a qualified roofing contractor to handle the installation.

Mass & Mass General Contractors can perform a roof replacement in Seattle at a relatively low cost. Our experienced contractors are available to help you determine the extent of the damages and how the replacement process will go. Contact Mass & Mass General Contractors at (425)435-5800.


Mold and algae can start to grow on a roof that has been damaged and retains moisture. When this occurs, it can cause a potential health concern. Not only that, but it’s something of an eyesore to look at. You could choose to clean it on your own. The task is significant, and you’ll need to use the right chemicals and tools to avoid causing even more damage to your roof. Or perhaps it might be better to reach out to the professionals.

Deep cleaning of your roof is only a phone call away. Mass & Mass General Contractors can perform a roof cleaning in Seattle without worrying about causing additional harm. Our contractors are trained professionals who use the right tools and solutions to get the job done right. Algae and mold growth will be a fleeting memory once the pros are on the job. To schedule a professional roof cleaning in Seattle, call (425)435-5800 today!

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